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Indicatrix partners with PSMA

11 December 2018

Indicatrix is excited to announce they have partnered with PSMA Australia (PSMA) to deliver a wide range of additional data products to our clients through the Planwisely platform. What started as a government consortium back in 1993, PSMA has since gone on to be a valuable cog in the spatial industry by being the conduit between data custodians, data managers and clients.

The Planwisely platform now has Australia-wide access to all of PSMA’s data products, including:

  • Geoscape
  • Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)
  • CadLite
  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Postcode Boundaries
  • Transport & Topography
  • Land Tenure
  • Features of Interest

Geoscape building heights in Planwisely

Geoscape in Planwisely

Indicatrix CEO, Nick Veitch, says he is really excited about the partnership:

“PSMA Australia have built an unmatched reputation in the geospatial industry, providing the foundation geocoded address database for Australia with their G-NAF data product and have made significant waves recently with their highly innovative Geoscape product. We at Indicatrix look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with PSMA.”

In the coming weeks we will profile some of these datasets in more detail to explain how we’re planning to visualise and gain the most insight from them. Until then, we give you a taste of the Geoscape product in all its glory.

If you’d like to learn more about the PSMA data we can now provide through our Planwisely platform, get in touch.

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