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Nick Veitch

14 December 2018

This is the first in a series of articles where we’ll take you through the various PSMA data products now available to Planwisely customers.

This week has seen the Indicatrix team introduce the Geoscape dataset - the highly innovative product by PSMA Australia - to our Planwisely platform.

The following video highlights how our location intelligence platform Planwisely brings to life a 3D model of Sydney.

Source - Geoscape Data in Planwisely

What is Geoscape?

Geoscape is a national dataset which represents buildings, surface cover and trees (PSMA Australia, 2018). It has recently been expanded to include national coverage, containing 15,243,669 buildings across 7.6 million square kilometres.

For the buildings theme, each building has information such as:

  • Eave height
  • Maximum building height
  • Whether the property has a pool
  • Whether the building has solar panels
  • The roof material

Geoscape Characteristics

Characteristics Captured In Geoscape

Source Geoscape Product Description, Oct 2018

How is the Geoscape buildings data captured?

The building theme (building layer) consists of digital representations of the roof outline of a building which have been digitised from remotely sensed imagery using a combination of automated and manual processes to identify, extract and orthogonalise objects resembling a building structure greater Geoscape Product Description Page 7 than 9m2.

The process utilises (1) electromagnetic radiation reflectance ranging from infra-red to visible light to assist in the classification of pixels to determine building roof materials, and (2) crowdsourcing and deep learning architecture such as neural networks to assist in the classification of solar panel and swimming pool detection (PSMA Australia, 2018).

If you’d like to learn more, please visit the Geoscape page here

How can our clients get access to Geoscape?

Geoscape is available from Indicatrix either through our Planwisely platform, via a custom built solution for clients, or in raw format (.TAB, .SHP etc.).

If you’d like to learn more about Geoscape or see how it could be used in your next urban planning or Smart Cities project, get in touch with us at

References : PSMA Product Description, 2018, Accessed on 12/12/2018.

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