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Planwisely is an essential tool that helps you build a solid foundation for any infrastructure development project, by ensuring you have crucial information at your fingertips.



Understand the people who will be affected and will benefit by planning decisions

Mobility Analytics

Understand how people currently move in the development area and how and where community engagement should occur


Be aware of what other infrastructure is in development and how it may affect your own planning process

Major Community Services

Where are schools, hospitals, transport hubs and public services located and how their proximity will influence planning policy and decisions

Infrastructure Analysis

Determine where similar or comparator developments and infrastructure are located or planned

Catchment Analysis

Gain rich catchment insights for your project – for current or proposed train stations, hospitals, schools or other upcoming facilities or services

Socio-economic Indicators

Help to identify areas that require funding and improved services

Land-use Maps

Identify the different land uses in a particular area


Visualise data using state of the art mapping technology and tailor the output to suit your specific needs

We work with you to ensure you have the necessary datasets at your disposal to unlock the potential for your project and ensure its success.

Business Cases

Business Cases

Support your business case with advanced analytics and visualisations

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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Understand the potential for city deals

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Use Cases

Regional development strategies

Unlock the potential of your region

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Conduct research and gain valuable insights for evidence-based decision making

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