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People Movement Data

VLC has launched People Movement Data within the platform in reponse to a growing need for planners to understand how people are connected with our cities and communities.

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Planwisely is a fast and easy to use cloud-based mapping platform that enables urban planners, transport planners, community services planners and key decision-makers to gain insights into the urban form.

Planwisely is a one stop location that has integrated a vast number of data sets into their easy-to-use platform. Capturing data such as PT use, time to places of employment and education, traffic, census data as well as forecasting, make it a valuable tool when planning. The ability to create catchment areas that highlight on a map walking, cycling, car and PT travel times is extremely useful.

It also has the capability to include your own data sets which enables the user to maximise the program’s potential. The team are available for support, encourage feedback and look to work with you to get the most out of Planwisely.

Oliver Stoltz, Senior Sustainable Transport Planner, City of Casey

Planwisely has been great and I find that I’m using the tool on a daily basis. It’s got a seamless user interface, is extremely responsive, and has helped me deliver my work more efficiently.

The tool is jampacked with ‘planning essential’ layers including demographics, traffic volumes, public transport and land use. It’s been a fantastic tool so far and has become popular across my organisation.

Transport Planner, Victorian Local Council

I started using Planwisely about two months ago and have found it to be very helpful. It saves me time looking for data such as traffic data, school locations and so on. The catchment analysis function is valuable for when I need to do spatial analysis in certain areas. I also find it is very smooth to use when you add different layers at the same time.

Transport Modeller, Victorian Local Council



Understand at a glance the people who will be affected and benefit from planning decisions

Mobility Analytics

Get a clearer picture of how the transport system is performing in your region or area of interest


Get a ‘big picture’ perspective of infrastructure development and how it could affect your own planning process

Community Services Locations

See where community services are located, understand the demographics of the groups they serve, and how their proximity will influence planning and policy decisions

Catchment Analysis

Explore rich catchment details for your project such as current or proposed train stations, hospitals, schools, etc; analyse community demographics and review community service distribution services

Land-use And Planning Schemes

Explore land use and planning scheme maps to understand the urban form, e.g. current zoning and development potential

Visualise Your Own Data

Harness the power of visual communication with a vast array of datasets and the ability to load your own organisation’s data

Collaborate Easily With Colleagues

Share interactive maps with your colleagues or project team

Socio-economic Indicators

Help to identify areas that require funding and improved services

We work with you to ensure you have the necessary datasets at your disposal to unlock the potential for your project and ensure its success.

Business Cases

Business Cases

Support your business case with advanced analytics and visualisations

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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Understand the potential for city deals

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Use Cases

Regional development strategies

Unlock the potential of your region

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Conduct research and gain valuable insights for evidence-based decision making

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