Use Cases

We work with you to ensure you have the necessary datasets at your disposal to unlock the potential for your project and ensure its success

Business cases

Support your business case with advanced analytics and visualisations.

Harnessing data into a meaningful form is essential when developing a business case for infrastructure development. A comprehensive understanding of the proposed location for a project assists in presenting the case for the project and additionally extracts value from the planning process. Presenting options in an easy to comprehend graphical mapping format ensures that you can maximise resource usage.

Smart cities

Understand the potential for city deals.

To be successful in the 21st century cities need to be far more cohesive environments. It is not just how they are built, but how they will be used. They must be productive, accessible, affordable and above all - liveable. Visualising critical data and manipulating it to review alternatives is vital in the process of planning a smart city.

Regional development strategies

Unlock the potential of your region.

Ensuring the ongoing viability and vitality of regional Australia is a major policy initiative of federal and state governments. Clever planning goes beyond infrastructure and is important in shaping the fabric of the community. Visualising multiple sets of data gives regional planners the tools to facilitate economic development, create local jobs, attract investment and drive innovation.


Conduct research and gain valuable insights for evidence-based decision making.

Conduct research and gain valuable insights for evidence-based decision making. Inherent in the planning process is the need for deep and ongoing research. The more knowledgable we are on a project, its benefit, potential impact and value, the better we can progress from planning to actualisation. For research to support policy objectives and concepts, it is critical that it is conveyed concisely and shared with relevant stakeholders. Accurate visualisation of available data supports the discovery process, enhances documentation and presentation and helps in the interpretation required for informed decision making.

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